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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some queries about web and app development services? Read some of the frequently asked questions to know more.

Don’t worry, just drop us an email stating what type of app you want to create. Our sales team will get back to you within one working day. Together, we will decide on the app development flow and technicalities to get your project live on the app stores sooner successfully.

Kudos to you for starting your business digitally. It’s great that you have a business website; having an app for your business will be a cherry on the top for you. Yes, we will help you in creating an app for your business. With our, app development services, you get a robust, beautiful, high-performing app for your business that will help you get greater ROIs.

Yes, definitely, without any doubt. Out of the many app development services we offer, protecting our client’s idea is our first & foremost offering. When a client comes to us with their idea, before anything else, we sign an NDA - Non-disclosure agreement, safeguarding our client’s idea to the fullest.

Native app development means exclusively developing an app for one single platform, for example - An android or iOS platform. Whereas cross-platform development involves developing a single app that can run on multiple platforms, for instance, both Android & iOS.

Android & iOS are both great for app development. Choosing a platform for native app development largely depends upon your target audience and which mobile platform they use most. However, it’s recommended to develop a native app for both platforms, as they have their popularity.

Flutter and React Native are the leading cross-platform technologies. You can choose either of them, as React Native & Flutter have their distinct features and can be used to build an app deployed on many platforms.

The time to develop an app depends upon what type of app idea it is. Different types of apps take different time.

  • Social media apps > 3-4 months
  • On-demand apps > 4-5 months
  • Mobile game > 6 months
  • Enterprise app > 3 months
  • Media streaming app > 4-5 months
  • Fintech app > 6 months

From assisting you in having a stronghold of the app market from the beginning itself to developing your app, testing it and launching it on the App Stores, we provide full-fledged mobile app development services.

Yes, launching an app on both Apple App Store & Google Play Store is a part of our app development offerings.

Yes, we offer an exclusive post-launch strategy of complementary 3 months maintenance & support period. You can connect with us to know more.

Of course, in the end, the app is all yours and providing you ownership of the source code is our duty. Once we develop your app entirely, every element of your app is duly submitted to you.

We strategically choose a tech stack to deliver you a high-performing website. For the front-end side of your website, we use - ReactJS, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

For the back-end part of your website, we use power-pack techs like PHP, NodeJS and Java.

Yes, we provide app & web development services for businesses to dive into the digital world with a bang! Send us your requirements, and together, we can work out a solution that best fits your needs.

Static websites are read-only sites that include brochures, portfolios, and websites with only one landing page. Moreover, in a static website, the content is limited in a static website and only extends to 3-4 pages. On the other hand, dynamic websites are the ones that can be interacted with, and the content needs to be frequently changed. E-commerce sites, blogs, and to-do sites are examples of dynamic websites. If your requirements are based upon frequently updates and users-requirements, then going for dynamic websites is a must. If you want your users only to read the content of your websites without much interaction, then go for static websites. It’s advisable to check your requirements thoroughly before choosing your website type.

We create websites for - Education & compliance, Real-estate, Social media, Travel & Tourism, Finance & healthcare sector, hospitality, entertainment, sports, and the transport sector.

Yes, sure, our web development services include turning your static website into a dynamic web application that can be engaged & interacted with by your end-users.

Indeed, we provide website redesigning & development services. Moreover, we revamp your website to give your website a new touch, setting a new benchmark and a website rebrand for your business.

To design a website, takes around 3 weeks, while the development procedure can go up to 3 months. Complexity of a website determines the time it will take to develop a website.

Yes, we can provide SEO services for websites. Our SEO team can help you get your website appear on the top position on search engines. You can connect us for more information.

Yes, of course. Our website development services include everything from structuring your website to submitting your website the search engines. Getting your website live on the search engines.

Yes, you can hire dedicated app and web developers as well as dedicated UI/UX designers. With our dedicated development services, you can hire talented developers that will work entirely on your project and help you in releasing software faster.

For sure. At Square Root Solutions, we not only offer top-notch custom software solutions but our software solutions are also based on giving clients the best of development.

We offer - the Scrum team model, fixed cost model, hourly rate model and dedicated development model. You can choose from any of our 4 flexible hiring and engaging models and work your way out effortlessly.

Indeed, without any doubt. With ‘Hire a dedicated team’, you can hire a team of proficient designers and developers. Cherry-pick your team, assign them tasks, and get started with the development. The model is most suitable for CTOs, techies and enterprises with a high level of work.

We follow both Agile and Waterfall approaches. It depends on the project requirements and the client’s preferences.

We have a simple 3 steps process -

  • Contact us and share your development requirements.
  • Connect with our team of developers, test them and cherry pick your developers/team.
  • Onboard your developer match & get started.

Yes, definitely. We let our clients hire developers hourly, weekly and monthly based. You can also go for a Scrum team model if you’re looking to hire a developer for a particular sprint/phase.

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