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Looking for a website design for your business?
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A beautiful website will help your business make a great impression to your users, convert more sales, and help your business grow. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we'll guide you on the next steps.

Screengrab from our TeachKloud nursery management software!

Custom web designs that drive sales to your business website!

We understand that getting your business online is a difficult task. And even more difficult is to drive in sales. And that’s why we do it for you. With cutting edge tools and techniques, we design user-friendly websites that are engaging, interactive, drive-in sales & most importantly create a powerful brand identity for your business!

Our websites are all designed by skilled, talented designers who care for your business goals. Our team of in-house designers are focused on creating web designs that are especially tailored-made for your brands’ needs. With our exciting, inspiring web design services, we help clients reach their milestones, drive traffic and actually represent what their business is about. The reason we are distinct is we go beyond those unexciting cookie-cutter templates & mass-produced products to make your brand stand out in the sea of dreary off the shelf and awfully designed websites.

Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions! Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

Looking for a website design? Let's discuss your requirements now!

Our range of beautifully designed business websites!


Ireland’s preeminent preschool management software!

All in one place software, TeachKloud is specially web designed to help early-childhood care providers in Ireland go paperless, cut out ink costs, track records, and communicate effectively with parents. Assisting teachers to focus on what they actually love, TeachKloud's website designs have sped up the entire compliance management process, allowing teachers to do things in a far better, easier, and more organised way, setting an excellent standard.

Screengrab from our TeachKloud nursery management software!
Screengrab from our Promotion website!


Driving change in the way consumers shop in Ireland.

A multi-purpose website, Promotion collabs with big brands & companies to give the best offers to consumers on purchase of their products. We partnered with ProMotion to design two websites - Promotion Intelligence & ProMotion Rewards. ProMotion Intelligence is a B2B website designed to help brands & businesses connect with PromMotion. The ProMotion Rewards website is designed based on the B2C concept, for consumers to get rewards just by scanning their shopping receipts. First, of its kind in Ireland, ProMotion is a total hit among consumers! :)

Screengrab from our Promotion website!


Ireland’s leading startup - used by 100+ schools, 5000 parents!

Specially web designed for early childhood care services in Donegal, Ireland. Mosaic is a digital solution for early education, comprising cost & time-saving solutions for accomplished early-childhood care services. Mosaic website design services cover everything that the startup is about and the services. From booking a demo for Mosaic’s app to viewing programmes for Online CPD, Mosaic’s website is a full-fledged website solution to offer the best childcare services in real-time.

Screengrab from our software Mosaic’s website!
Screengrab from our KeepAppy’s website admin panel.


Europe’s mental health-gym - 10+ psychologists approved features!

KeepAppy’s website is designed in a way that acts as a one-in-all solution to know about KeepAppy’s mental-health care mission. KeepAppy’s website is an information website that covers everything from KeepAppy’s features to the workshops KeepAppy is conducting. Keeping in mind KeepAppy's social enterprise status, the website was designed with subtle features empowering users to use KeepAppy’s app and take control of their mental health and adopt a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Screengrab from our KeepAppy’s website admin panel.

SEO-friendly website design services Dublin

Go beyond features & functionalities & give users an amazing website feel with affordable web design! Whether you are planning to start a startup or looking forward to redesigning your website, choose SquareRoot’s website designs services Ireland and drive outstanding results.

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Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions Dublin, Ireland! Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions Dublin, Ireland!

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