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Founded in 2016, Square Root is Ireland’s leading mobile game development company. With a team of talented Irish game developers, designers, game artists, and animators, our services include full-cycle mobile game development, 2D and 3D mobile games, future-proof architecture, and mobile game asset creation.

Harnessing the power of mobile game development engines like Unreal Engine, Cocos2d and markup languages like HTML5, we create awesome games for an exceptional gaming experience.


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Our mobile game development services

Gaming app development is a large industry with a return on investments in billions. Our game portfolio comprises dozens of fun-filled games, impressing gamers and making our clients stand out from the crowd. At Square Root, our end objective is to push your gamers' boundaries by fabricating a rich animation-based gaming environment that will dazzle your gaming geeks to have a lasting end game.

Leading with a team of game techies, our game technophiles are here to offer you an unmatched 2D & 3D game experience!

Full cycle game development

From developing puzzle-based games to action-adventure games that incite users to push their envelope, at Square Root Solutions, we are a team of mobile game architects whiz who excel at providing 360° mobile game development solutions.

Leveraging the potential of HTML-5, Cocos2D, Unity and Unreal Engine, we lead the game in offering top-notch gaming services to clients worldwide. Be sure that from together planning & strategising your game idea to launching it on diverse gaming platforms, we look forward to forging partnerships based on qualitative, delighting work.

Premiere mobile game development

A mobile game rich in graphics thrills your users to the fullest and is a breakthrough in the mobile game industry, is everyone’s wish. And to fulfil that wish, we offer premier mobile game development services that go beyond the usual approaches to crafting a game. We are a mobile game development studio with a competent group of game programmers, engineers & artists who channelise the power of Android, iOS and Windows platforms to reach your goal of having a custom mobile game development Ireland.

Our gaming connoisseurs firstly understand your idea well and then empower your vision with achievable steps.

Mobile game design, art and animation

There are 2 sides to designing a mobile game - First is deciding the characters, costumes, background, storyline, and every micro detail that makes a game a masterpiece. The second side involves designing the flow of the mobile game, adding buttons, how well you can portray the storyline, and everything else that gives an edge to the game. Our game designers and artist genuinely try to capture users' imaginations and turned into pixel-perfect gaming elements with the help of Illustrator, Phaser and Photoshop.

And that’s why we are recognised as one of the top app game development companies Ireland that adopt the design-centric approach to create a world-class game with a power-packed animation & gameplay.

Mobile game testing and launch

A diamond is only formed by going through the arduous process of challenges. And same goes for a well-structured, seamless game. For your games to have a seamless gaming experience, our QAs of iOS, Android, and other platforms test your game, checking every aspect of the mobile game.

From checking the smoothness of the gaming elements to performance to playability, our QA test the game in and out, well-knowing your gaming geeks should play without skipping a beat.

Different types of gaming genres

From multi-player online battle arena games to AR games like Pokemon, we look forward to offering you custom mobile game development Ireland that can become one of the highest-grossing games in the trillion-dollar game industry.

Shooting game
Educational game
Cross-word game
Puzzle game
Multi-player game
Role-playing game
Simulation game
Strategy game
Online battle arena

Mobile game development platform

Square Root Solutions is a mobile game development company in Dublin that leads the game just like you. Our expertise in the top mobile game development platform is oriented toward nourishing our clients’ dreams. With our talented pool of game builders and artisans, we have crafted a niche for ourselves and will continue to do so with every project we will undertake, getting visions into reality with outstanding results.

iOS game development in Ireland 

iOS platform

We specialise in iOS game development, developing native games for iPhone, iPad and Apple WatchOS. Our in-house iOS game developer team first extensively research your game genre. Then, combining their expertise with SpriteKit and Unity, they build next-gen mobile games hooking your gamers endlessly.

Android game development in Ireland 

Android game development

Offer an unparallel gaming experience to the users of the most preferred platform. We are an Android game development company expert in creating Android games, customised especially to meet and exceed your expectations. Our proficiency is not only limited to Android smartphones, but we are even maestros in building games for Android TV, Android wearables and Android tablets.

AR/VR game development services 

AR/VR platform

We offer AR/VR game development services that give the monotonous game an unbelievably exciting makeover. Our team of Certified AR/VR developers ensure that your gaming whiz has a fun-filled gaming experience full of surprises and mind-blowing app adventure.

Unity game development 

Unity game development

A one-stop solution for all your thrilling game ideas. We develop games in the Unity platform that caters to all our client’s needs, whether action-adventure or fully animated games. Unity game development is our forte and an incredible platform to give your innovative game ideas wings.

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Our mobile game development process

We are a mobile game development studio that is known for its innovative approach, especially when it comes to games. With our remarkable gamification technique, all our efforts are inclined towards crystalising your excellent gaming idea to borne fruits. Our process is a first-hand perspective on crafting exceptionally-well mobile games.


Analysing your game requirements


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Developing the game


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Launching the game on
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Support & maintenance

Some of the top games built by us!

We are pros, the ultimate gaming pros in Ireland. Check out some of the impactful games created by us.

Keepie, digital pet development using AR

Keepie - The digital pet, making wellness fun & approachable.

“ The AR-enhanced digital pet in KeepAppy, the mental health app. Feed them, love them or play with them; Keepie helps you be on track with your own mental health. ”

Keepie is an AR-enhanced feature in the mental health app KeepAppy, which acts as your digital pet & helps
you take care of yourself as you would take care of your pet. Users can play with the Keepie, feed them, and
make them go to bed, all with the points they have gained using the other features of KeepAppy.

Keepies are a gamified tool to take care of your mental health with engaging activities and keep track of your
well-being with ease. It is inspired by the Tamagotchi game and ensures that you, as well as your Keepie, stay
happy all the time.

SureWash: A Kid’s journey

“SureWash is the ultimate fun and interactive hand-washing education tool for children. It encourages young small children to get those germs by following 6 steps WHO-recognised technique to wash hands.”

Surewash, gamification to encourage hygienic habits

It is playful and interactive & incites users, the children, to wash their hands properly and ones that kill germs. Integrated with an augmented reality training guide, the in-built camera scans the movement of your hands, and the gamified bars will move up if hands are washed properly, leading users to the next level.

The entire hand-washing process is gamified & is divided into 6 levels, ensuring a SureWash, germ-free hands. SureWash also comprises two other games - ‘Spot those germs’ where children are given a dirty environment, and the kids have to spot the germs in the place. It also has an interactive quiz, where children are asked about the various places where germs are present. The game is an engaging one to instil in the kids the proper habit of hand washing & makes them understand the importance of hygiene through fun & interactive tools.

Why Square Root Solutions is the best
game-builder garage?

Square Root Solutions is recognised as one of the top 100 game creators in Dublin, Ireland. And we’re proud to say that we are a one-stop solution for all your mobile game development Ireland demands. With us, be ready to get your gaming ideas to virtual life.

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    Maestros 2D & 3D game developers

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    Expert writers to create an immersive storyline

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    Flexible, engaging models

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    Transparent and reliable association

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    Complimentary 3 months post-launch
    maintenance period.

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    Flawless gaming design

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    Cross-platform game app development

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    Strict NDA policy

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    State-of-the-art game development tools &

Being game veterans, our game portfolio consists much fun, challenging games that have consistently ranked top on the charts. Any company is judged based on its services and characteristics, and we are not exceptional. Here are the attributes that define us & make us the top-rated game app development company.

Game design and development tools & technologies

Games have definitely gone beyond simple coding. And that’s why we harness the power of the latest, most influential tools & technologies to bring you an artistic, engaging game.


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Unreal Engine

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Hire mobile game developers Ireland with hiring
models that align perfectly with your requirements!

Scrum team model

Stuck at a particular game development phase? Choose the Scrum team model and hire our best mobile game developers for that one specific game advancement phase and get your game to your gamers faster!

Hourly rate model

Be in control of your game development time as well as the money. With our cost-effective hourly rate model, you only need to pay for the hours our game builders have worked on.

Fixed cost model

No matter how big your gaming plans are, our fixed-cost model will adhere to all your budget-friendly needs. Have a fixed scope of work for your game, and we will provide a fixed cost for your gaming plans, regardless of how big your plan is or how long it will take.

Dedicated hiring model

Want your game to be developed uninterruptedly and the game creators give your undivided project attention, go for a dedicated hiring model and cherry-pick your talented team of game lovers.

Gaming app development-related FAQs to get all your queries solved.

Games that have a shooting angle and are action-adventure are widely popular among gamers across the world. Yet, the gaming genre's popularity depends on what your audience prefers and their age group. For example, word based game ‘Wordle’ is equally popular.

Game development is usually a 6 step process, consisting of carefully planning & discovering your game idea and deciding the technicalities of your game. And moving on to creating a storyline & characters, our game designers design the game and then forward it to the production stage where our talented game developers develop the game to an excellent finish. The last stage is the testing stage, where our game QAs test your game in and out, ultimately releasing your game to your gamers.

Unity is for all, and Unity is indeed the best. At Square Root Solutions, we leverage the power of Unity's real-time 3D development to create high-quality, efficient games. Moreover, you can develop games for Android, iOS, Windows and many other platforms with Unity.

Many factors determine the time of developing a game. From your game’s genre to the features & functionalities, building a game usually takes 3-8 months.

The cost of mobile game development Ireland usually starts at £15,000 - £50,000 for a mobile game with basic features & functionalities. For developing a high-end game, the cost can even reach £150k. The same goes for Android game development cost and an iOS game.

We develop appealing & engaging games for Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, Cocos2D, and SpriteKit, achieving gaming excellence for you to the fullest.

Games are a great way to make money. From adding in-app purchases to your game to including in-app ads, using rewarded video ads, going with mobile game subscriptions, or combining all these models. There are indeed many ways to maximise your gaming revenue with a few steps.

Definitely, to help you get your game across to your gamers group faster, we provide dedicated development services where you can cherry-pick your gaming connoisseur.

Yes, definitely. We make use of Unity3D - a game development engine, to create top-notch mobile games that can be released on Android, iOS and even Windows.

Yes, without any doubt. Our aim is to give our clients the best way to create a mobile game. At Square Root Solutions, we have different flexible hiring & engaging models, including - Hourly rate model, Fixed rate model, Staff augmentation model and Scrum team model. Choose our fascinating gaming experience and hire game developers on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis.

Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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