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in Dublin, Ireland.

Building native apps for multiple platforms with just a single coding!

Mockups of mobile apps which are developed by Square Root Solutions.

Hire Flutter app developers

Harness the power of Google’s revolutionary framework and choose flutter app development services that are rock-solid with appealing UI, excellent features, and seamless animations. The brainchild of Google and released in the year 2017, Flutter is all the rage among entrepreneurs who wish to build robust, scalable, native apps at the same time cost-effective.

If you’re looking forward to Flutter app development with an industry-best Flutter app development company
in Ireland, then Square Root Solutions is the right choice. Having delivered more than 300+ Flutter-based apps,
our team of Flutter experts are connoisseurs at creating apps that give native apps like experience even with
a single coding system. To top it all, our Flutter app development services cover everything from start to
finish, with 3 months of Flutter-exclusive post-launch maintenance period so that our client can get the best
out of Flutter app development!

Flutter app development services

Since our establishment as a Flutter app development company in Dublin, our clients have magnificently leveraged our Flutter app development services to the pinnacle of development.

We firmly believe that your mobile app should not be restricted to only a specific type of mobile phone but should be available for various smartphone users. And that’s why our Flutter app development services are in favour of 360° Flutter app development.

Our expert proficient Flutter app squad are here to offer your customers a fantastic experience that they will definitely be in awe of!

Examples of apps developed by Square Root Solutions; ProMotion intelligence and KeepAppy.
2 people discussing and brainstorming their mobile app idea.

Flutter app idea validation and consulting

Flutter app development has indeed come a long way. It is a mature framework both in terms of framework and UseCases. Having deployed many rich and stimulating projects on App stores & having created many great bonds with clients worldwide, we are called by clients as - the best technical adviser rather than a mere outsourcing Flutter app development company!

We are keen on giving clients idea validation advice that is helpful for them in the long run, not short-lived. For us, your project is not just a project but our next successful endeavour!

A developer working on his laptop and building flutter based mobile apps.

Flutter app development

Flutter has become our forte, and we love to work on it closely. Our Flutter app development services are devised to deliver you the best cross-platform Flutter app development that totally gives a native like-feel.

When you hire Flutter app developers in Dublin from Square Root, you connect with developers who are maestro in creating seamless applications that can be deployed on various platforms. From strategising your entire app to deploying it on the App stores, our professional Flutter app development services take care of it all.

A user using the app developed in Flutter technology.

Flutter app migration

Your mobile app should not be restricted to only your Android or iOS users, but rather your app should be available to all your users. Leveraging the power of Flutter technology, we help you migrate your existing apps to the Flutter platform.

Our team of proficient Flutter app developers specialise in migrating your existing application to multiple operating platforms. Our Flutter app development services have always been platform-agnostic, making us a Flutter app development company in Dublin trusted by clients worldwide.

Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions - Talk to him & he'll create a road map for your app journey. Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions - Talk to him & he'll create a road map for your app journey.

Are you looking for Flutter development?

Are you the next startup? Have a conversation with Ciaran and let him create a road map for your app journey!

Our Flutter app development expertise in Ireland!

Flutter has become a preferred choice for developers and clients alike. Our Flutter app development expertise lies across varied industries; some of them are listed below:

An image which shows an app developed in Flutter technology.

What makes Flutter app development so unique?

Reports by Statista confirm that out of all the other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter is the most used framework by software developers across the globe. And guess why? It does have some very great features!

  • Flexible, customisable UI
  • Single codes-base
  • Easy migration
  • Instant code showcase
  • Less app development time
  • Cost-effective
  • Extensive catalogue of widgets

Our distinct Flutter
app development process!

Your user is the centre of our entire Flutter app development process. Whether you want to migrate your app using Flutter app development services or build cross-platform apps using Flutter technology, our Flutter app development process assures no platform differences.

The industry follows our distinct flutter app development process as we lead the Flutter app development game with a project retention rate of 97%.

  • Ideating your unique concept
  • Designing your apps
  • Determining modules
  • Development
  • Quality-testing
  • Play store & Apple store submission
  • Post-launch maintenance assistance
An image which shows an app developed in Flutter technology.
Aimee and Will Ben Sims showing their app - KeepAppy which is developed by Square Root Solutions.

Why choose Square Root for
Flutter app development in Ireland?

Being a notable Flutter app development company in Ireland, Square Root Solutions has been recognised for delivering preeminent solutions to clients worldwide. Subsequently, we can be the right choice for entrepreneurs like you regarding Flutter app development.

  • 4+ years Flutter experienced developers
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Transparent, communicative policy
  • Cost-effective price ratio
  • 97% client retention rate
  • Agile & waterfall methodologies
  • Confidentiality on your concept (NDA)

Our flexible hiring models

Hiring Flutter developers on an hourly model.

Hourly rate pricing model

Specially meant for entrepreneurs with a tight budget, the hourly rate pricing model can help you hire Flutter developer in the most cost-effective way possible.

By choosing Flutter app development services through an hourly rate pricing model, you will have complete control of your Flutter app development time and the Flutter developers also.

More importantly, it’s best suited for complex Flutter apps that are undetermined and are subjected to future changes & iterations.

Hiring Flutter developers at a fixed cost.

Fixed cost model

A model that is incredibly compatible with extensive, pre-defined projects and has a determined scope of work. Our Flutter app development in Ireland broadly considers the fixed-cost model for app ideas, which requires more development time due to its comprehensive concept.

We will offer Flutter app development services at an exact, fixed rate regardless of how extensive your app concept is & the time it takes; for sure, our guarantee!

Hiring dedicated Flutter developers.

Dedicated hiring model

Hire Flutter app developers and get undivided attention for your project by choosing the dedicated hiring model. If you want Flutter developers that work wholly on your project & get your Flutter based apps released faster in the market, then the DHM - dedicated hiring model is distinctively for you.

As a Flutter app development company, we provide dedicated Flutter app development services at a set rate for a fixed development time.

Frequently asked questions!

Yes, of course, at Square Root, we have a team of Flutter developers who are maestros in creating Flutter web apps. Also, Flutter technology is well-suited for today’s websites & search engines.

Flutter is designed to create pixel-perfect Android & iOS apps as well as desktop apps. It supports a wide variety of hardware & services (payments, storage, GPS, camera, network, etc.). Thus, many types of apps can be built with Flutter.

The cost of Flutter app development is dependent on various factors, such as – the category/type of the app, complexity, features & functionalities, hourly rate of developers. Exceptionally, the cost of developing a Flutter app is consequently significantly less than native app development.

Flutter and React Native both have their pros and cons. However, it is to be noted that Flutter has been coming as a clear winner from other cross-platform mobile frameworks since 2019. Even the demand for Flutter app development is pacing up rapidly, with many cross-platform developers also favouring Flutter technology more than any other framework.

Yes, that can be done. The Flutter app development guidelines also largely support that.

Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions. Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions.

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