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Leverage the app consultancy services that help design and develop the application to fulfil business goals. Our app design consultancy can bring in experts throughout the process, coupled with the necessary resources and tools to build the best app possible.

App consultancy services include UI/UX design testing, user research, development analysis, and analytics. Choose the custom web app development consultancy for a beautiful, user-friendly, efficient, and cost- effective app development that ensures the success of your mobile application.

Awards and Recognitions

A trusted name with accolades that speak volumes of innovation, hard work, and resilience that goes into mobile app development consultancy.

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Our Mobile Departments


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Our iOS app consultancy enables businesses to develop and optimise applications and platforms. This includes consulting for choosing the right technology stack, and user interfaces, coding the back-end and testing the apps for performance, security, and usability.


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Get in touch with us for our Android app consulting services that include providing design guidance, managing technologies, making post-deployment changes, and others. The goal is to provide your business with quality consultation that delivers results.

React Native

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React Native consulting helps developers with the right application development consultancy for cross-platform applications. Our consultants prioritise responsive interface, the right integration with third-party APIs, and robust app testing for a full user experience.


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Our app development consultants for Xamarin consulting assists businesses in developing and maintaining cross-platform mobile applications using the Xamarin framework. This includes expert assistance in designing UI, backend coding, app testing, security, etc.


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Cordova consulting involves helping developers create hybrid mobile applications leveraging the Cordova framework. This includes creating a responsive interface, integrating with third-party APIs, and testing the app for performance and UI.


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One of the key areas of app development consultancy includes PWA consulting, which advises and assists your team in maintaining a Progressive Web App (PWA). We are ensuring the building of a responsive web application, optimised for mobile devices, and testing the PWA for performance and user experience.

Service Scope of Our Mobile App Development Consulting!

01 Minimum Viable App Development Consultation

The main goal of an MVP consultation is to evaluate the riskiest hypotheses and user experience in a real-world setting. Our experts help identify these hypotheses to create an app affordably.

02 User-led product scaling

Get the custom web app development consultancy which includes creating CustDev and development procedures. This can help secure a prominent market position to raise capital, expand quickly, and reach your target audience.

03 Post-Deployment Store Optimization

Our app consultancy services also offer store optimisation services. This will ensure helping set up accounts in the app store of their choice and guide app marketing. Also, we offer app maintenance regularly.

04 Design & Development

The app consultancy team can help your team create an intuitive UX and eye-catching UI with industry-leading design tools, optimising visuals for various devices and platforms. Also, the development aspect is taken care of in terms of technologies and platform choices, integrating third-party services and APIs, amongst others.

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Our Expertise in Leading Mobile Techs

Mental wellness app, KeepAppy

An award-winning mental wellness app with 30,000 users across 75 countries - KeepAppy

  • Utilises AR for gamification and an engaging interface
  • Selected as the top startup at Web Summit 2019
  • Chosen for mentorship by Bill and Melinda Gates
  • Now used as employee well-being software by an MNC

An early childhood care app used by more than 48 schools for the wellbeing of 900 children - Mosaic

  • A user-friendly platform with 400 active parents registered.
  • Built on pillars of observation, assessment, planning and transition.
  • Our experts delivered two separate yet synchronised apps - one for educators, one for parents.
  • Designed to update parents with every aspect of their child’s classroom learning experience.
Mental wellness app, KeepAppy

An online fundraising platform that clocked in transactions of over $20M in just 1.5 years - Scoreboard

  • Designed to automate manual fundraising operations, enabling students to sell through the platform.
  • This unique and robust application now witnesses per day sales of $400K.
  • Enables students to keep a track of their sales data and statistics.
  • Reward based fundraising targets with leaderboard section

A unique confluence of AR, 3D technology, and development tools that brought centuries old artefacts to life - Donaghmore Museum App

  • Visitors scan artefacts and view 3D models of the items along with audio/video and detailed descriptions.
  • Transformed a dull museum visit into a highly engrossing history-driven experience.
  • Direct boost in the number of visitors and the amount of time they spent inside the museum.
  • Sean Canney, the Minister for Rural Affair and Communities, launched the app in the workhouse.
Mental wellness app, KeepAppy

A holistic wellness app that has positively touched the lives of 500,000 people - Siente

  • An engaging UI and notification system that encourage users to cultivate healthy habits.
  • Incorporated meditation sessions in easy audio formats.
  • Integrated group meditation feature where users can join groups and meditate along with other users.
  • A rich feedback based model that allows the client to make informed decisions.

An application for the GAA coaches to understand the activities and progress of players - The Hurler

  • Our experts utilised a professional skills driven model to understand player activity and behaviour.
  • An easy-to-use interface, designed to quickly record player progress and development.
  • Built keeping in mind the different needs of both GAA coaches and guest players.
  • Designed on the pillars of skill and fitness based assessments tailored according to the age of the players.

Our portfolios


KeepAppy is a global wellness app that focuses on building positivity and improving the mental health of its users. It was selected as the top startup at Web Summit 2019 and was chosen for mentorship by Bill and Melinda Gates. The app had more than 30,000 users across 75 countries. Later on, owing to its brilliant features and excellent development quality, it was acquired by an MNC to be used as employee well-being software.

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KeepAppy client and UI mockup


Mosaic is a leading digital platform for early childhood services in Ireland. The app makes it efficient for educators to deliver positive learning experiences and also provides parents with real-time updates of their kids’ activities. This feature-rich app is now used by more than 48 schools for the wellbeing of 900 children. The platform has 400 active parents registered.

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Project Mosaic UI mockup


Scoreboard is a fundraising platform that automates manual fundraising operations for students, enabling them to sell through the app. The app has witnessed transactions of over $20M in just 1.5 years and the sales happening per day is $400K.

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Scoreboard UI mocku


Donaghmore Museum app is our one of a kind project— a stunning confluence of AR, 3D tech and development methodologies. Our super talented team of app developers in Cork brought to life a Donaghmore museum through an interactive application that led to a significant direct increase in the number of visitors and the amount of time spent inside the museum.

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Donaghmore Museum App launched by Sean Canney


Siente is yet another amazing wellness app that we built. This app encourages its users to cultivate healthy habits and practice meditation. With its engaging interface and robust framework, this application has successfully touched the lives of 500,000 people. Yes, 500,000!

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Siente UI mockup



An app development consultant helps businesses develop successful mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. They provide expertise in making the right, data-backed choices for top-notch user experience, coding, and app launch.

App development consultants offer expertise in user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, coding, analytics, product management, and marketing strategy needed to launch a successful application or website.

The app development consultancy depends on the complexity of the project and the specific services required. A typical app consultant would charge between €50-€150 an hour. But, a lot would depend on the project's complexity, consultant's experience, and level of involvement throughout the process.

When selecting an app development consultant for your project, it is important to consider a few factors, including —
Experience and expertise: Make sure the consultant you choose has demonstrable experience in developing the same app you want to build.
Cost: Determine how much you are willing to spend on the development process so that you can select a consultant who fits within your budget.
Portfolio: Ask the consultant to show you examples of their previous work, so you can get an idea of the quality they produce.
Collaboration and communication skills: Make sure that the consultant is easy to work with and able to communicate their ideas and progress throughout the development process.

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