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PHP - one of the best languages for backend development.

PHP is one of the trending back-end technologies. And not only trending but one of the strongest technologies to back up your front end. It is super-secured, fast, and result-oriented backend technology that you can surely rely upon.

Used to create brilliant CMS, eCommerce, ERP, social media & CRM solutions, businesses can leverage the power of this dynamic & quick technology for impressive web solutions. With talented PHP developers in our team, we can help you build a solid back-end backed by PHP & fine-tune all your business proceedings.

Get started today, and hire dedicated PHP developers who create powerful, user-friendly & robust app & web solutions. Hire with ease from affordable & flexible hiring models. Square Root Solutions PHP development team is here to offer you end-to-end back-end development services & bring your vision to reality with excellent PHP-backed solutions.

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We support your server
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Our dedicated PHP development team uses the best PHP framework to roll out a backend for you that is feature-rich & supports your business from start to end.

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Services offered by our PHP maestros

Build custom PHP solutions, and give your tech concept the strong support it needs. Hire dedicated PHP programmers who are maestros in building the backend leveraging the potential of PHP frameworks. From startups to business corporations, you name it; our PHP developers are expert at it. Check below for the services we offer

PHP app
PHP web
Custom module
PHP-backed CMS
PHP-backed CRM
Site maintenance
& support
PHP extension
attributes of our PHP experts

Top attributes of our PHP experts

Our PHP team is as strong & robust as the backend technology is. Whether you hire a junior PHP developer or a senior PHP professional, trust us; our PHP experts will offer a top-notch development experience that you’ll be proud of. Onboard PHP programmers who radiate exceptional work ethics.

  • Social Networking
  • Enthusiasts
  • Life-long learners
  • Troubleshooter
  • Highly experienced
  • Committed, responsible individuals
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How to hire PHP developers from Square Root.

We have a simple, 3-step process for our clients to hire PHP developers with ease.


Connect with top PHP professionals

Talk to our business consultants, share your requirements, and connect with top PHP professionals.


Test their skills

Don’t just hire. Connect & challenge their skill sets. We’re sure that you will be sure of their capabilities.


Onboard them

Make the right fit a part of your team. Onboard our PHP expert, and get dedicated PHP app development.

Why partner with Square Root Solutions to hire dedicated PHP developers.

  • Budget-friendly hiring options
  • We use the best ide for PHP development
  • Custom PHP app development company
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Strict NDA policy
  • Completely dedicated development services
  • 5+ years of experienced PHP developer
  • Full-fledged backend support & development
  • Dedicated team of PHP developers
  • Easy hiring & onboarding process
  • Transparent procedures
  • Post-launch support & maintenance


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Expert PHP developers

Hiring models to hire top PHP developers

Hire dedicated PHP developers who are here to provide you with uninterrupted, dedicated development experience. Choose from flexible hiring models aimed to give you a hassle-free hiring experience.

Hourly rate hiring model

The cost-effective, practical hiring option. Hire dedicated PHP programmers on an hourly basis, and take full complete control of your money & time.

Fixed cost model

Opt for a fixed cost model if you have a fixed scope of work, be it a simple concept or complex; we’ll guarantee you a fixed cost for your entire project.

All Your Queries Addressed

Yes, we’re a web development company that is recognised as a reliable & trustworthy partner to many old & new tech concepts. We definitely sign an NDA and ensure our client’s intellectual property remains safe and sound completely.

Backend development of any project usually takes 2-6 weeks. Specifically, if your app/web concept is simple, the back-end will take less time, but if the number of screens is more and the app/web is based on high-complexity features & functionalities, then the back-end development will take longer time.

The duration to do the back end will also depend on the developer’s skill set & experience. If the back-end developer is amateur, it will take longer, and if you have a back-end expert to back your project, it will take less time to do the background work.

It all depends! :)

Without any doubt. Don’t worry; the dedicated developers you hire from Square Root Solutions will only work for your project and will give you a dedicated, uninterrupted development experience, one that will usher you robust, strong back-end support for sure :)

That entirely depends upon your app/web concept & your choice too. If you want to pace up your back-end development & your requirements are also high-end, then you go for a dedicated PHP-based back-end team. But if you think a sole PHP expert will be able to create a robust back-end for your idea, then you can hire a dedicated PHP developer. Connect with our tech consultants, who can give you more insights on choosing what’s the right fit for you.

The hourly rate to hire dedicated PHP experts ranges between €30 - €45.

Ciarán Stone - CEO & Founder of Square Root Solutions.

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