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What is an MVP?

It is rightly said that take the first step, no matter how small your step is, but take your first step, and everything else will follow to your greater dream. Well,the Minimum Viable Product or popularly known as MVP, is the first step to your greater dream. It is small, has minimum features, and is not just a first step, but it is outright a smart first step!

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MVP is the 1.0 version of your software solution and has only important and minimum features. MVP Development Services act as a great tool to determine your product’s potential in the digital market in the early stages itself. That will help you determine the further product development journey and decide the next steps. From validating your product’s concept to selecting features for your MVP and creating the final product, we are the leading MVP development company in Ireland, helping startups & businesses to develop MVPs that rock the market and pave the way to your amazing long term goal.

Having been in the market for 12+ years, our MVP development services ensure that your 1.0 version of your product plays a significant role in determining your further course of action, facilitating you to gain invaluable insights from your customers. Whether it is MVP development services for startups or you like to consult to validate your app idea, we have business consultants for MVP Development & Consulting Services to decipher all your product issues and turn it into a beautiful MVP that creates a lasting impact among your users.

At SquareRoot Solutions, we first try to understand your aim by launching the project. Once we get in sync with your goals & aims, we ensure that we go from strength to strength with our range of MVP development services to deliver you a fantastic product that achieves your milestone and is the finest for the long run, making us an MVP development company that truly leads from the front.

A look at our MVP development process!

A new product development like MVP is a process of increments & iterations. That’s why creating an MVP is like building a train. In the first place, only the engine & limited compartments are added. But as the trains run to and fro and the demand seems to increase, more compartments are added like AC coaches, first-classes, etc.

Planning & discussion sessions

The first and most crucial area of creating an MVP is conducting scoping sessions with clients. Because if the foundation is set right, everything else will be alright. Through the scoping sessions, we determine what the client is aiming for with the product and how it can be achieved.

This is followed by strategising the entire development, reviewing your idea and choosing the technical stack for the go. To give a concrete touch to the product, we provide a scope of work underlining all the requirements and goals, along with a ballpark estimation of your project. Planning & discussion sessions are essential for both the client as well as the development team as it helps in sailing through the entire process smoothly & fruitfully for the long-term goal ahead!

Choosing the key feature

Once we get a clear idea of what the client wants, we foray into selecting key features & functionalities that will profitably backup your entire product and will give an edge to the product. Based on your business potential, we list all the features & functionalities that can support your MVP apps and then prioritise the key elements that form your app's core. Also, adding a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) along with the core features holds an integral part in an MVP to enhance your app to its full potential.

Turning your idea into a concrete prototype.

Once the main features are selected, and the product is strategised, the next step is prototyping the app. Determining the buttons, the clickables, the swipes throughs, the scrolls, everything comes in prototyping. Here, we constantly take in your feedback to ensure we get things right and bright while developing your app.

Designing design-led incredible experience

Here our design strategists rope in to turn your concrete prototype into a concrete beautiful designed MVP. Designing is an MVP software development service that helps in giving your desired experience to your users with an amazing look and feel of the app. Besides designing an MVP that is aesthetically pleasing, we ensure that our design leads to incredible MVP apps experience with effortless interactions as well. Our MVP designs are focused on giving your users a reflection of your brand identity and what it is truly about.

Developing the MVP

The final yet chief step of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development Services is to create a tangible MVP based product. Once your MVP is ready, we launch on the App stores and let it be used/tested by real users, who are quick to give feedback. We keenly follow what the users have to say about the product. After having a detailed discussion with you about the updates/suggestions, we look into iterating based on the recommendations. The feedback gained here is precious and greatly helps know the product’s potential in the market.

Classic MVP examples!


Facebook now Meta is an excellent example of MVP app built through this approach. Initially, a college website directory, Facebook or ‘TheFacebook’ created by Mark Zuckerberg, was only created for Harvard students. But only Facebook’s first MVP paved the way for Facebook to be what Facebook is today- yes, Meta! The website got developed with time and has totally gone beyond what Zuckerberg & his roommates envisioned back in 2004, making their way through the unseen & the extraordinary!

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Airbnb page icon


What started as a website offering accommodation to folks visiting San Francisco (SF) in a conference turned into a hospitality giant worldwide. Founded by Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, the founders had no such plans. They were only focused on giving out beds or mattresses for some cash. Still, only after the first MVP, did they realise they had tapped into an area that was a trouble to many. Airbnb or AirBed&Breakfast no sooner transferred into an end to end accommodation solution with private homes, islands, apartments listed on the website.


Launched with the name of Burbn in 2010, Instagram was not even Instagram when it started as a location-sharing app along with pictures. The photo-sharing feature became an immediate success, with users liking it. Facebook at that point also had similar options, but what made Instagram unique was that it also allowed editing pictures as well as sharing. The makers took advantage of that point and made editing & sharing photos their app’s forte. And it was no sooner than Burbn, a location-sharing platform, transferred into Instagram - the world’s most loved photo-sharing platform!

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Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!
Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!
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When & why should you consider developing an MVP?

Being an MVP development company in Ireland with a project base of 150+ MVP based apps, we know what goes into MVP development services to create a fantastic MVP of your app. Here is when you should definitely consider developing an MVP.

Unique app concept

If your app concept is unique, something new to the market, and you are unsure about how your target audience will react to it, go for MVP app development services. Choosing MVP development will help you test your app idea in the market in the early stages itself and will help you determine your app’s potential -whether the app strikes a chord with the audience or happens to not strike a chord with the audience. Thus, helping you significantly figure out your future app development course.

Tight budget

If you have a tight budget and don’t want to risk your hard-earned money, going for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development Services will prove to be useful. As MVP has fewer features, it directly equals less MVP development cost. It is best suited for MVP Development Services for Startups.

Speedy market launch

Have an app idea that you want to implement fast, choosing MVP development services can help. As MVP has only minimum functionalities, it can be rapidly developed and quickly launched to the market in less than 90 days.

Looking for users’ feedback in early-stages

Suppose you want early user feedback and are keen on providing users-oriented features to your target audience. In that case, MVP is the best suitable option. With MVP, you can test your product in the actual app market and gain feedback from real users.

Thinking of launching an app? Prioritise launching with MVP development.

Rapid development

Testing possibility

Cost-efficient solution

Testing possibility

Idea validation

Domain expertise!

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Frequently asked questions!

Of course not. We mainly recommend MVPs for startups who opt for a budget-friendly way. Moreover, with MVP, you can learn what your users wish to see in your MVP app in the initial stages.

Indeed, without any doubt. You can choose MVP services for web applications and get your project live to the audience sooner. Starting your way out is the key, no matter how small your web app is.

Most MVP apps are delivered in 4-6 weeks, it is also dependent upon the features & functionalities you want to see in your MVP.

The cost of developing MVP apps is based upon many factors, such as the features & functionalities you want, app type, and complexity of the idea. The roundabout cost of developing an MVP is $5000 - $10,000.

Different clients have different criteria to measure the success of their MVP-based idea. For example, for some, getting 10,000+ downloads in the first week is a success; it might be getting good feedback from the early users, or for some may, getting ROIs would be a success. You can measure your idea’s success by comparing it with your criteria.

Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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