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Virtual Reality App Development

The pace at which technology is evolving is unbeatable. While VR is enjoying the glorious stage people can reach Mars, ride a spaceship or even swim deep in the ocean. Businesses and enterprises can experience an unbelievable and interactive 3D computer-aided world. With the advent of Virtual Reality, a phenomenal technology with which you can explore the world with just sitting at home. It is redefining the way we communicate, play, watch, learn and explore.

You can experience this using the Virtual Reality equipment like VR headsets, Head-mounted displays, cardboards and data gloves. Today, VR app development and product development have become business as it is widespread in every industry.

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Explore the Virtual Reality
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Square Root Solutions is a leading Virtual reality app development company in Dublin. We provide a host of services for VR app designing, development and consultation. Our VR-powered apps will drive you to jaw-dropping experience.

We help the world get the best of visual experience with our impressive app development strategies. Our team of virtual reality app developers in Ireland can assist you in this technology and business capitalisation.

With our VR apps and services, businesses can educate and engage users globally with such out of the world virtual reality experiences.

Virtual Reality Devices

Our apps are compatible with all major VR devices. We keep eye on latest VR devices in market and make sure our apps are upgraded accordingly.









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Experience the power of virtual reality with us. You can also hire our team of VR app developers in Dublin to create, and quality tested apps. Flourish your business and add value bringing rich experience to all your end users. Let us connect to discuss your requirements and ideas. Experience our best services today!

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Why Us?

We are very proficient in VR app development services and solutions and there are multiple reasons why you should partner with us:

  • We have expert UI/UX designers
  • We have the best VR app developers
  • You can leverage the benefits of the technology
  • We build high quality and budgetary solutions
  • We develop custom gaming solutions for virtual reality devices for iOS and Android
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Our proficiency

We provide you with unique UI/UX designs for your apps, along with 3D touches and effects. Our products and services include:

  • Virtual Product Development
  • VR Integration
  • VR gaming applications
  • VR Trade Show
  • VR Healthcare and Surgical apps
  • VR Tourism apps
  • VR Educational apps
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What services do we offer?

1. Real Estate

With our virtual reality solutions, you can experience the walkthrough for the real estate and properties. This provides the users with a 3D view of the properties under construction or the developed ones.

2. Gaming

We provide virtual reality gaming solutions which you can experience on the custom VR headsets, Google Cardboard and such devices. You can experience the virtual gaming environment with levels of fantasies.

3.Exhibition Apps

We build VR apps to provide entertaining, informative and memorable experiences for the trade show visitors. This encourages the use of Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and such more VR-supported devices.

4. Medicine and Healthcare

We offer Virtual reality solutions for healthcare professionals. They can learn new skills, practice surgeries, medicines and educate their staff helping them prepare for treatments..

5. Education

We develop virtual reality apps that deliver best aspects of online classrooms and promote distance learning to every student. This way we enhance education and quality across the world.

6. Hotel and Tourism

We provide services and VR solutions for the hotel and tourism industry. This promotes the conversions and bookings and aids more value to this industry.