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Square Root Solutions is Ireland’s leading web development company, a pioneer in creating lead-generating web solutions that are robust, secure, and innovatively designed and developed to meet your unique brand requirements.

Our web developers are skilled in converting your business ideas into profit-generating web applications. Our goal is to offer your business a brilliant, visually pleasing, and high-functioning web solution, all at a cost-effective price.

Connect with us for specialised web development services in Ireland. Expand your business and grow with a website solution that gives you concrete results.

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Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!
Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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Our team has worked on 100+ projects in various industries. If you’re looking for experienced web developers, let’s get in touch and discuss your requirements.

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Helping businesses meet various sets of requirements!

Custom web development

Want a tailor-made website for your company? As a custom web application development company, we can develop a unique web solution that perfectly meets your vision & mission. Go beyond cookie-cutter web templates & put your best foot forward with custom web application development. At Square Root, we ensure your customers get impressed by your ideas and concept at the very first go with a high-performing website, delightful & beautifully designed & developed, showcasing your company in the most eye-catching, flawless way.

eCommerce web development

We make selling products a fluid process for you. Our eCommerce website developer in Ireland develops full-fledged web solutions to help you drive conversions real quick with a fine-tuned eCommerce web app solution. That’s not it; our eCommerce web solution is inclined towards giving a completed product with an integrated payment system, power plugins, payment gateways and a seamless data system so that your users don’t face any hassle when checking on your web app.

CMS development

If you’re looking forward to managing your content without needing help from a web designer to update articles, blogs, etc., then a robust CMS or Content Management System can be your best bet. At Square Root, we provide CMS development services to help you manage your content in the simplest form possible. Being a web development company that takes considerable time to understand a project, we first comprehend the frequency of your data update and then proceed to develop a CMS that is customisable, intuitive, SEO-friendly software for all your content creation & modification.

Erp development

Be in complete control of your business with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and effortlessly create strategic coherence in your business operations. From managing your finance to planning your resources, get 360° control of your business functions. Our Erp development services are a fast-forward solution for businesses to store, manage & collect data all in real time. In addition, we focus our Erp software development on helping you manage large chunks of data without worrying about data overload, simplifying your business operations completely!

Web Designing

If your web design is top-notch and customers are impressed, you should know you have achieved an important step. At Square Root, we help brands make the right first impression and stand out from the crowd with professional, unique web design solutions. We strive to make your website beautiful and conversion-focused by adding creative visuals matching your brand identity. Not only that, our super-creative web designers map out a User Interface that makes your website fast-loading, responsive and SEO-friendly, resulting in outstanding user engagement at all times.

Web support and maintenance

We not only develop websites for your firm, but we offer support & maintenance services too. In fact, we have a special 3 months post-launch complimentary support & maintenance period for our clients to solve any issues that might persist. Besides this, we also offer support & maintenance services for third-party websites, resolving code-related bugs & debugs, adding new elements & features, or maintaining high-end databases and web applications. Our expert web developers at Square Root are here to tackle any emerging issues & ensure high user satisfaction throughout with complete efficiency.


Top-notch solutions, helping you scale above & beyond!

Whether it's an ERP solution or an eCommerce web application, our web development team combines the expertise of skilled web developers with next-gen technology to build qualitative, highly secure, and interactive platforms.

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Key benefits of having a website for your business!

Having a website enhances your business's visibility, credibility, and accessibility, enabling global outreach. It provides 24/7 customer engagement, cost-effective marketing, and valuable insights through analytics, ultimately improving customer service and increasing sales opportunities.

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Your 24/7 business presence

Build business credibility

Improve customer service

Customer behaviour insights


How we make your website stand out!

Here’s how we develop a website that is beautifully designed, efficiently built and turns your great business ideas into a delightful user experience.

01 Strategising

  • Understanding your business functions
  • Examining your market challenges
  • Outlining the entire product journey.

02 Designing

  • Sitemap - deciding the web flow
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Finalising the designs

03 Development

  • Structuring the website
  • Coding from front-end & back-end
  • Information gathering

04 Testing & releasing

  • Quality assurance of the product
  • Hosting the website
  • Getting it live


The top web development techstack we bank on!

We only choose what is best and benefit our clients in each and every way. And that’s why we develop our web apps with next-gen futuristic technologies that support your long-term plans by all available means. Check our web tech stack that backs your app from front and back!




























Our brilliantly developed website projects! 😍


Founded by Wendy Oke, a PhD graduate, Teachkloud has been introduced to simplify the never-ending management process in the education sector. Moreover, it has two applications, one for teachers and one for students. The app has streamlined and simplified different tasks like planning, procedures, staff scheduling, attendance, etc. Our high-quality services enhanced the application to a robust one with every loophole covered. TeachKloud has replaced 3 hours of paperwork.

Featured in Silicon Valley’s ‘Startup of the week’ series, the startup app has raised a whopping €750,000 through different funding platforms. TeachKloud app, founded by Wendy Oke, has been acknowledged as a protruding under Forbes 30 under 30 Rising Business Stars.

UI mockup of TeachKloud, one of the top nursery management software in Europe that Square Root Solutions has built.


With the revolution of digitalisation in the market, ProMotion enters the market with the most in-demand features. ProMotion provides a new way of shopping for users while offering a number of offers for consumers to connect.

ProMotion has two websites: ProMotion Intelligence, a B2B website, and ProMotion Rewards, a B2C website. ProMotion Rewards is extremely beneficial for users as they can get rewards just by uploading receipts on the platform. Users can prefer to encash their earned reward points or donate them.

UI mockup of our eCommerce web development project - ProMotion Intelligence.


With the multi-method learning approach, Mosaic is dedicated to learning early birds from 0-6 years old. The app is dedicated towards the intellectual and proficient growth of the students with advanced technologies for support. Mosaic is a complete package of services to ensure quality early childhood service.

The brilliant app includes features such as daily care logs with tracking/update and viewing. Being awarded as one of the leading startups by Ireland Rising Business Star, it has been adopted by 85+ schools within a few months. With its smooth user interface, the app has effectively served thousands of students and parents, helping them learn aptly.

UI mockup of KeepAppy’s dashboard - a prominent mental health app created by Square Root Solutions.


Considering the mental health issues this generation is facing nowadays, KeepAppy was introduced. KeepAppy offers a number of packages of well-being practices, including a number of psychologist-approved features to nurture the mind and body.

It’s a great initiative that offers the users accessibility to take charge of their mental peace and happiness. Combining technology with the great cause of finding contentment in life, KeepAppy has enriched thousands of lives with its expedient features. Having received recognitions such as top startup app by Amazon, adopted by Bill & Melinda Gates, the app has been acquired by Concentrix.

Screengrab from our KeepAppy’s website admin panel.

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Leveraging the power of next-gen web technologies, we proffer our Irish web development services to a wide range of sectors and aid them in upping their game with transformational, impactful websites.

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Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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