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UI UX design explained!

It’s not your fault. It’s a bad door. Its design confuses you, and you try to open it the opposite way rather than how you should be doing. Basically, a door that gives you wrong signals & needs a signboard to correct it. That’s a Norman door - a door that is a poorly designed door and confuses people on how should it be opened/closed. And here is where UI UX design comes in, which plays a vital role in determining how a user uses the app and feels about the app. What is UI UX design?

UX - User Experience

UX design considers how the app functions & the course of action for users to accomplish your desired action. (steps to the goal) And pre-dominantly how effortless & efficient it was for the users to complete that activity? Primarily in minimum clicks.

User experience design is worth the time and money. We at SquareRoot, go from your business observers to your participants in order to run your digital business to its full potential. Our user experience designs are intuitive and designed by talented UI/UX designers in Ireland who are great at figuring out what your users really want to see in your app

UI/UX designers discussing UX journey

UI - User Interface

Is it even a good joke if you need to explain your joke? The same goes for User Interface design. UI design is the app's look, feel, and appearance— the first thing your user sees when it comes across your app. That’s why having a good User Interface design for your app is equal to creating an excellent first impression. More importantly, with UI, you can direct your users to accomplish that desired goal

How is that accomplishing journey for a user? That’s the job of the UI app designer to vividly guide the users with UI design elements like transitions, buttons, fonts, icons, spacing, colours, etc. Being the lead UX design agency Dublin, Ireland, our UI UX app developers Ireland are not just designers; they are the end-users who are right in making your app bright, keeping in mind your app users’ plight.

UI/UX designers discussing UX journey
Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!
Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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We are a UI UX design agency based in Ireland, but our designed apps are as worldwide as our clients.


An app that empowers people to take control of their health & mental wellbeing!

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An app for educators and parents. The app lets educators record and compiles progressive records of children’s learning/development.

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Our UI/UX design strategy

Fusing our years of expertise and clients’ insights about their business, we design products that serve the purpose by parring excellence.








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Our UI/UX design process

The tools & techniques in the design industry are ever-evolving, but what remains the same is the basics of a great UI/UX design. Our multitalented team of designers, developers & testers can help you win the design game with SquareRoot’s unique design services.

Customer journey mapping

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Clients love to speak about us & we love to hear them! 🥰

Why are we the best?

We’re uniquely creative

We’re highly qualified

We’re Ireland’s leading design company

We’re multitalented - we are not just good at designing, but our team is equally talented at programming

Industries we serve

eLearning software team
Fintech sector
A phone folder with social media apps
A doctor giving thumbsup to a Healthcare software
Real-estate app development
Sports software development
Hospitality software development solution
Transportation software application
An Led TV with entertainment apps

Who are we?

We are not just UI UX developers! We are mind readers, end-users, your end-goal strategists, and people who blend creativity with ordinary designs to drive sales for your business app.

This blend of being your digital app advocate helps us delve deeper to craft a great UI UX design that makes your app interactive, intuitive, and visually appealing, making it easy for users to prioritise your services from your competitors. Designing an app for your business will be an effortless, tense-free task, as our 4+ years of experienced UI UX developers are well-acquainted with the changing dynamics of the app designing industry.

We are proud to state that we are the lead UI UX design agency in Dublin, Ireland, which has tactfully bid farewell to many old designing techniques, welcomed many new states of the art designing tools & techniques, and are on a persistent expedition to bring in innovation in the UI UX industry of Ireland. Since our establishment, we have strived to remain a design-focused UX & UI design studio that helps us deliver user-centric applications that truly stand out from the crowd because great app designs are the pathway to exemplary app development and, of course, to an incredibly outstanding app that surely wins the hearts of users!

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Yes, definitely, we do assist our clients in making changes in the design of the app/website post-launch. Our complimentary 3-month post-launch services take care of all the changes our clients may have.

To deliver our clients a fantastically designed project, we make use of the following tools:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • After Effects
  • Figma
  • Sketch

The UI/UX design process we have is a design sprint process. It allows us to have clear insights about your project and help us strategise your project in the most effective way.

We first analyse your app requirements, followed by creating a road map of your journey, wireframing it, and prototyping, meanwhile continuously taking your feedback and finalising the main designs.

It takes around 3-6 weeks to design a website, whereas designing an application takes around 4-8 weeks.

For a project to be liked, appreciated and engaged by a user, UI and UX both hold great importance. It’s through the UI of the product that a user can interact with the app’s features and functions. UX is the User Experience of the app. Through the UX, a customer can have a positive experience with the app and eventually become loyal customers of the project.

Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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