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Projects we've worked on

Projects we've worked on

Our team of experts has given digital life to several unique and inspiring ideas that are now causing disruption in their respective industries.

Our team of experts has given digital life to several unique and inspiring ideas that are now causing disruption in their respective industries.


An app that allows users to take charge of their mental and emotional well-being!

The platform has received over €30,000 in investment through the Kickstarter platform, and has been adopted by Google in the 'Adopt a Startup' program. It was also praised by Amazon's CTO, Werner Vogels.

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KeepAppy client and UI mockup


This is a unique app for guardians and educators! The application allows educators to document and make progress records of the learning and development of their students. These details are also shared in real-time with the parents.

The portal is now used by more than 48 schools and over 900 children.

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Project Mosaic UI mockup


Scoreboard is a fundraising platform for students that automates tedious fundraising procedures and allows them to sell through the app. Sales every day? $400K! Amazing, right?

The app has raised more than $2 million in the last 1.5 years.

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Scoreboard UI mocku

Donaghmore Museum

Using augmented reality and machine learning, we created an app that brought three-century-old relics to life! This project received national attention in late 2019 when it was launched by Sean Canney, Ireland's Minister of Rural Affairs.

The app brings history to life and engages visitors with incredible narratives from the past through an immersive experience.

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Donaghmore Museum App launched by Sean Canney

Irish day tours

Everyone needs guides on vacation, but what if there was an app that could explain everything about the place you are visiting? The same concept was brought to life by Irish day tours!

The app has detailed descriptions of places, including photographs and audio, in five languages.

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Irish Day Tours UI mockup

ESP Tiles

This app is based on a 94-page catalogue. ESP Tiles has a large selection of kitchen and bathroom tiles.

The problem they had was that suppliers had to call and ask if the tiles were available, which was a time-consuming process. Using the mobile app, we assisted them in resolving this issue and more.

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ESP tiles UI mockup


A platform dedicated to promoting positive parenting. The system allows parents to track their children's daily actions in order to improve their conduct, ethics, and progress. Children can also be awarded using the app.

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Deeds4Kids UI mockup

The hurler

An app that allows GAA coaches to monitor the capabilities of players and progress through a professional-based skills paradigm. It is used to assess the performance of nearly 4000 athletes.

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The Hurler app UI mockup


AI-powered platform designed to assist artists in getting recognised in the industry. Artists can submit audio/video files, talk with other artists, and connect with industry professionals. Users can also look for artists with a specific voice and skill set.

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Andrson music/song app

Hunter’s friend

This software advises hunters on what they're required to do for every hunting season, including where to target the animals, how to point at the animals, etc. It also makes it easier for hunters to go out and hunt in groups.

Over 10,000 hunters have put their trust in the app.

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Our unique project Hunter’s Friend


This application leverages meditation to help users develop a healthy lifestyle. This platform has successfully impacted the lives of 500,000 individuals owing to its intuitive interface and powerful framework.

A couple of queries answered at the beginning identify where the user should start their meditation journey.`

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Siente UI mockup

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