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Award-winning app developers in Ireland! Building tech solutions for European businesses & startups!

Award-winning app developers in Ireland! Building tech solutions for European businesses & startups!


Discover the top mobile app development and design company in Dublin, delivering custom software solutions that startups and enterprises trust. Our Irish software app development team excels in creating native and cross-platform mobile apps and sophisticated web applications for our client's needs.

Discover the top mobile app development and design company in Dublin, delivering custom software solutions that startups and enterprises trust.

Our Irish software app development team excels in creating native and cross-platform mobile apps and sophisticated web applications for our client's needs.

Our end-to-end mobile app development services

Discover end-to-end mobile app development services at Square Root Solutions, Dublin's premier mobile app development and design company. Our Irish roots drive our passion for exquisite App Design. We create seamless software solutions, expertly crafting mobile and web applications. Trust our top-notch app developers for unparalleled excellence.

iOS App Development

App Development in Ireland shines withSquare Root Solutions. We use Apple technologies like Swift and Objective-C to bring top-tier Irish software solutions to the App Store.

Android App Development

Bespoke app development tailored for Ireland tech startups withus. Kotlin, Java, and Android Studio expertise pave the way to Google Play Store success.

Cross-platform Development

Our top mobile app developers in Dublin master React Native and Flutter, offering unmatched Hybrid Apps with innovative software techniques.

Web App

Specialising in web app development, we utilise JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, and React, blending back-end precision with front-end excellence for optimal digital outcomes.

Game Development

Through game app development, our gaming studio brings Game design to life, shaping standout 2D, 3D, and multiplayer adventures bolstered by smart monetisation tactics.

IoT Apps

As a standout in Irish software development agencies, we excel in IoT, innovating for smart devices, IoT platforms, and home automation, with an emphasis on IoT security.

Custom Software Development

Leading software development in Ireland, we offer Irish application development with expert software architecture, crafting custom plugins and modules for seamless systems integration.

MVP Development

As the leading MVP app development company, we are the application development specialists in Ireland, transforming ideas into viable products ready for market launch.

AI/ML Development

In Dublin, we craft custom app solutions specialising in AI and ML, harnessing neural networks, deep learning, and NLP to drive technological innovation and intelligence.

Mobile App Developers
Ireland helping Startups maximise ROI!

Square Root Solutions is among Ireland’s top Mobile app development companies due to innovative custom design software solutions. We create award-winning native to cross-platform apps for startups and established enterprises. Our long list of successful Android, iOS and Web apps testify to our skilled team’s expertise and experience


TeachKloud has become Europe’s preeminent nursery management software. Reduced 60% of paperwork & truly helps teachers focus on child’s learning.

The top psychologist-approved mental health app with many recognitions to its name. Now acquired by a Fortune 500 company!

An app that even rewards you for just uploading your shopping receipts. Encash the reward points or donate to charities; an exciting way it is!

Tailored App Development Solutions Across Industries

Square Root Solutions, a premier mobile app development company in Dublin, offers industry-specific solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise in technology stack selection ensures optimal performance across every mobile platform. With a refined process, we deliver budget-friendly apps prioritising exceptional user experience and catering to diverse industries.

Location-based app

Specialising in location-based app services, our application development harnesses geolocation, GPS tracking, and Google Maps integration. We optimise search and data display on every screen, from geolocation app ideas to intricate UI design. Whether Android, iPhone, or cross-platform, our GPS app development elevates based services for unparalleled user experiences.

Booking App

In Ireland, we lead on-demand appointment booking app development, encompassing sectors from hotel, salon, and food to taxi and travel. Our mobile designs efficiently integrate search, reservation, and payment systems on Android and iOS. With an intuitive UI design, users can easily login, view profiles, and select time slots, ensuring seamless bookings for events, flights, beauty services, and more.


We specialise in fintech app development, catering to fintech startups and established fintech companies alike. Our highly secure fintech app solutions encompass digital banking and broader fintech industry needs. From mobile and web applications to specialised fintech platforms, we prioritise software development excellence, balancing top-notch design with cost-efficiency.

Ecommerce App

We specialise in e-commerce mobile app development in the Irish market and craft successful ecommerce solutions for Android and mobile ecommerce websites. Balancing top-tier development with cost-effectiveness, our ecommerce platform expertise ensures commerce mobile apps that propel your business forward, embodying the essence of a successful ecommerce mobile application.

Travel & Hospitality

In the Irish hospitality industry, we excel in creating travel & hospitality apps tailored to tourism needs. From travel agency portals to hotel booking and concierge services, our software development ensures a comprehensive mobile app experience. Whether you're a tourist seeking a guide or establishing a travel portal, we're your go-to for building travel & hospitality apps in Ireland.

IoT App

Specialising in IoT app application development, we harness the power of the Internet of Things, seamlessly integrating smart technology and IoT devices. Our development process, from software to mobile applications, employs cutting-edge technologies like Flutter and machine learning. We deliver cost-effective, advanced IoT platforms, redefining the future of smart applications.


An app which empowers people to take control of their health and mental wellbeing.

The app has raised €30,000+ funding through the Kickstarter platform, nominated as a top startup at Web Summit and also appreciated by the Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels.

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KeepAppy client and UI mockup


An application designed for teachers and guardians. It enables teachers to document and assemble ongoing reports of students' educational and developmental progress. Additionally, these reports are concurrently shared with the guardians.

Over 48 educational institutions and more than 900 students actively utilise this platform.

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Project Mosaic UI mockup


An app which lets athletes go out and sell products to citizens in the USA. The profit gained from sales is then used for good causes. Example: Organising a charity drive.

It has raised over $2M in the last 1.5 years.

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Scoreboard UI mocku

We’re on the pursuit of becoming Ireland’s
top software development company!

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We’ve been featured in Fortune magazine for our outstanding services.

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We are recognised by as top software developers in Ireland.

App Development Process

Square Root Solutions takes pride in a meticulously crafted app development process. From basic concept to app launch, our app developers in Ireland ensure every step is transparent, showcased in detailed flowcharts and roadmaps. Whether it's mobile, web, game, or ecommerce, our timeline integrates front-end, back-end, and cross-platform deployment strategies, tailoring custom solutions for Android, iPhone, and beyond.

01 Discovery & Planning

In the project discovery phase, the first crucial step of the software development life cycle, we meticulously address every development checklist item. We focus on requirement gathering, thorough market research, and precise strategy formation to predict development costs accurately. Our checklist ensures a seamless transition to the subsequent stages, anchoring your software project's success.

02 Design

In the mobile App Design Step, the second phase of the software development process, we delve deep into the design thinking process. Through methodical stages, from wireframing to UI and UX design nuances, our process flowchart ensures meticulous detailing for both iOS and Android apps. Every step is dedicated to aesthetic brilliance and user-centric functionality.

03 App Development

In the app Development stage, the third pivotal step in our software process, we emphasise a precise environment setup for seamless front-end and back-end development. We craft custom mobile applications tailored to client needs through comprehensive integration techniques. Every step ensures our software embodies the perfect functionality and user experience blend.

04 App Testing

We implement a rigorous test strategy in the application testing phase, the fourth crucial step of application development. From unit and integration testing to user acceptance testing (UAT), our quality assurance prioritises bug fixes. We blend manual testing with various testing types, including functional and usability testing, ensuring top-tier software robustness and performance.

05 Post-Launch Support

In our post-launch support stage, the final step in mobile application development, we prioritise maintenance and iterative development. We ensure the app's longevity and relevance by harnessing user feedback collection post-production and rectifying any pre-launch mistakes. Our dedicated support extends to marketing strategies, ensuring your application meets users' evolving needs consistently.

06 Marketing & Promotion

Drive visibility with our 'Marketing & Promotion' services. Leveraging app store optimisation (ASO) for your app store, we amplify your app launch through targeted marketing strategies. From engaging social media campaigns to enticing in-app promotions and app purchases, our promotion strategies ensure your app stands out, maximising reach and user engagement.

Why Choose Square Root Solutions

Why Choose Square Root Solutions

Discover the compelling reasons to choose Square Root Solutions for your software needs. Our expertise in app development, particularly in iOS, Android, and cross-platform technologies like Flutter and React Native, positions us as a leader in mobile app development. Our expert team in Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick is renowned for their technology expertise, delivering innovative technology solutions with a focus on exceptional UX. At Square Root Solutions, client satisfaction drives our mission, ensuring custom solutions that align perfectly with your goals. Trust our experienced development team to bring your vision to life with cutting-edge software solutions.

What We Do

At Square Root Solutions, we specialize in app development, crafting mobile applications that redefine the software solutions landscape in the Ireland tech industry. Our services offered by Square Root Solutions include custom app development, providing top-tier mobile app solutions in Ireland. We excel in software development services, focusing on innovative app creation to meet diverse client needs.

What We Do

Heard of KeepAppy, Mosaic, TeachKloud apps? We’re the development partners! Are you the next startup? Have a conversation with Ciaran and let him create a road map for your app journey!

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App development FAQs

The total cost breakdown of development is based on many factors like - software size, platform - iOS, Android or both, complexity, features & functionalities. 

To provide an average app development cost in Dublin, Ireland: 

  • Simple app development cost: £5000- £15,000
  • Middle-level complex app price: £15,000 - £50,000
  • Highly complex app cost: £50,000 -£1,00,000. 

After getting a clear idea about your app requirements, you must decide on your app development budget. Get a ballpark estimate of your app project through our cost calculator. 

We offer comprehensive mobile and web app development, from initial concept to final launch on Android and iOS platforms, including UX/UI design and ongoing maintenance.

Our team boasts a wealth of experience, including over a decade in the industry. Our developers, designers, and project managers typically have 5 to 15 years of experience crafting cutting-edge mobile and web applications.

We specialize in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, and e-commerce, developing consumer-facing and enterprise-grade solutions.

Our process is structured and transparent. It begins with a detailed discovery phase to understand your objectives, followed by design, development, testing, and deployment, ensuring you’re informed at every step.

Yes, we excel in developing applications that operate seamlessly across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience on both Android and iOS.

Security is paramount. We employ SSL certifications, encryption, and rigorous access controls to ensure the integrity and security of your mobile and web applications.

We are proficient in incorporating various third-party services and APIs to enhance the functionality and performance of your applications, from maps to social media integrations.

We provide services to upgrade or redesign your App, incorporating the latest design trends and technologies to enhance functionality and user experience.

Known for our commitment to quality and client-centered approach, our team delivers innovative solutions and maintains a high standard of communication and transparency.

Indeed, we collaborate with companies ranging from small startups to major corporations, providing tailored software solutions that cater to various mobile and web app requirements.

We follow agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and adaptability, with regular updates and clear communication to keep the project on track and transparent.

Client involvement is crucial and highly encouraged to ensure the project’s success. We establish multiple communication channels for smooth information flow and decision-making.

Comprehensive documentation is provided for all projects, ensuring that all stakeholders can easily understand and maintain the application in the future.

Our UI/UX experts conduct extensive research to understand your target audience, creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs that enhance user engagement.

Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your App remains up-to-date with the latest technology and market trends.

We employ a variety of technologies and coding languages, each selected based on the project's specific requirements, to ensure maximum efficiency and scalability.

We offer consultancy on monetization strategies tailored to your business goals, including in-app purchases, subscription models, and ad integration.

While our primary focus is on development, we collaborate with seasoned marketing professionals to offer insights and support for effectively promoting your App.

Our commitment extends beyond the launch. We offer continuous support to guarantee that your application functions seamlessly and remains up to date with user demands.

Project durations vary based on complexity and scope but typically range from a few months to a year. After the initial analysis phase, we provide a detailed timeline.

Ciaran Stone - CEO of SquareRoot solutions!

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