Hunter's Friend

An app is developed to be one of the tools carried by hunters to track all of their activities. This app guides the hunters on what they need to do for each season, where to target the animals, how to aim the animals and also on which part of their body.

The app would also provide statistics of what they have done so far along with what other hunters are doing.


A detailed information for each season which outlines: Animals to hunt, weather conditions, etc.

Map position

The hunters can record the number of animals which were killed or just seen. This will organize their data and display in their dashboard. In addition, this will also help other hunters to see what you have hunt/seen.


A hunter can set himself as visible or invisible. If he sets as visible then other hunters can view his live location and all his activities.

Where to hit

The app provides information on where to hit the animals when you are hunting. This is a very supportive tool which increases the speed of a hunter to complete his activity easily.

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