The Hurler

To create an application for the GAA coaches to access the abilities and progress/development of the players through a professional based skills model. Before launching of this application, users would sit down and record everything on the excel sheet daily to keep records of their players progress and development.

Using the excel sheet is usually not suitable for maintaining large data. Some of the reasons to this are: Excel sheets are vulnerable to fraud, prone to human errors, and the user's precious time is wasted.

The hurler application therefore reduces the workload for the people as the application has been designed in the simplest and quickest way for the users to record the progress and development.

An app for both type of users

This application can be used by both, the GAA coaches and guest’s hurler.

Easy to use

The application displays a list of clubs for the coaches to select and asses their players.

Types of assessment

There are two types of assessments, skills as the first and fitness as the second.

The players can be added according to the types of assessments and according to age categories as well.

Great user experience

The users will be shown a live timer with options to start and stop, continue with the remaining attempts and end the particular challenge. Users can then also decide whether they want to access the same challenge for another player or they want to switch the challenge for the current player.

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